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We handle every step of your move like a move planner organizes and manages every step. A moving planner creates a schedule, details the plan, coordinates service providers, and coordinates all the different elements that need to work perfectly for a stress-free, successful, and happy move. Create schedules, and detailed plans, organize, coordinate, supervise, and complete the move. We will ensure that you and your belongings are well prepared and that the transition is smooth and very successful with minimal disruption to your life.

Founded the moving company in 2012 and managed the first move from Palm Springs, CA to Rancho Mirage. Our Moves started as a local moving company managing household moves and deliveries for local families and businesses around town. Storage to reflect the evolution of new services as a storage provider.

Reflecting its rapid expansion and growth as an emerging leader in shipping and logistics, the company has also expanded its services to include a custom crate, freight delivery, and international offshore container shipping. During this time, Our Moving is also recognized as a leading regional warehousing and logistics provider for the moving industry.


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